Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Who knew it would take me till now to have time to write another blog post.  I had plans on trying at least once a week.  Guess we will be working up to that!

Spring is here and with it comes the fun of ordering chicks, planning our garden, spring cleaning both the yard and the house.  I have already taken care of some of that, but there is much more to be done.  This year we ordered four new types of chickens, Golden Laced Wyandottes, Cuckoo Marans, Ameracaunas, and Welsummers.  I love chickens, especially beautifully colored chickens and beautifully colored eggs.  These chickens will be laying anywhere from dark brown eggs to speckled eggs to blue or green eggs.  We currently have a flock of Rhode Island Reds, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and Barred Rock.  But these we have had for 2 years.  In order to keep up egg production for our family, we must cull the flock and begin again.  Culling will not begin till fall.  I am excited for our new flock coming up.  My sweet Princess is excited as well.  She is my little chicken girl.

The garden is mostly planned out.  We put our garden in our front yard since it has a large sunny spot and we don't use that part of the area for much else.  My DH is also building me a second garden box for my side yard garden.  My first box (from last year) will contain things I want access to for quick dinner additions, tomatoes, salad, cukes, and such.  My second one will contain my culinary herbs.  My daughters and I love to add fresh herbs to our dishes and my hubby loves basil on most everything!  The front garden will contain many other fun things like pumpkins, more tomatoes, watermelon, cantelope, peppers, squashes, peas, beans, etc.  Looking forward to all the good things there.  

So, I am doing my annual purge of the house.  Our home is comfortably small.   We cannot let clutter build up.  And, I have noticed that my kids have more toys and such than they really truly play with.  So I am focusing on scaling way back on toys this year.  In the past few months, I read this article and found it very interesting to think about.  Though I don't agree with everything she said or even did, I do agree with some of her points.  We, as Americans, are spoiled.  Our kids have too much.  WE have too much.  It is so easy to forget our blessings.  So we are scaling back and giving away.  I am also scaling back on my possessions as well.  I am not going to be hard on my children and not on myself as well.  I am looking forward to less stuff and more room in our home.  

How is your spring shaping up?  May it be full of blessings and sunshine for you as well.

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