Saturday, March 7, 2015


Welcome to my blog!  I am so excited to be starting this little blog where I give you a peek into our window of life.  I am the joyful wife to my wonderful husband for 18 years.  I am also the mama of 6 delightful children ranging in ages from 17 down to 5.  I love what I do.

So what do I do?  First,  I am a Montessori/Classical/Charlotte Mason homeschooler.  I love the way we school.  The 3 R's, a smattering of history and science with a lot of hands on, a bit of Latin, nature studying, a bit of art and music, and a whole lot of reading.  We love all things books.  Not surprising since we have a collection of a couple thousand books (and counting).   We also throw in unit studies from time to time if a topic of interest comes up.

Second, I am a homesteader.  We currently live in a rental on a farm.  We have a flock of chickens (my favorite) and a steer.  We also enjoy gardening of all kinds - flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  In the past, we have had goats, pigs, and sheep as well.  We dream of a farm of our very own some day.

Third,  I strive to live as naturally we possibly can.  I make most of what we eat from scratch, I love essential oils and herbal remedies.  I make most of our cleaners.

Lastly, I love to sew!  I mostly make costumes for the kids and doll clothes for the girls large collection, but every once in a while I have time to quilt, make special clothes for the family, or just fill a need we have.

A bit about my family.  My husband is a remodler.  He and I also run a Homeschool Family Travel business.  We live 30 minutes from the heart of Washington, DC, so we have a blog devoted to our travels there.  We make several trips a year there which has greatly enhanced our children's education.  We have also traveled to other places both in our country and abroad.

My children have many varied interests.  Ladybug is 17.  She plays the violin and the piano and is a senior.  Violet is 15 and plays the violin and piano as well.  She is a freshman.  Jaguar, or Jag for short, is 12.  He is in 7th grade and plays piano and loves to make lego stopmotion.  Jackboy is 9 and in 4th grade.  He also plays piano and loves lego and is our family whittler.  Princess is 7 and in 2nd grade.   She loves dolls of all shapes and sizes and loves anything to do with princesses and mermaids.  Monkey is 5 and is my kindergartner.  He is full of life, full of spunk, full of spirit.   My girls all love sewing and crafts of many kinds.  All my kids love to write stories and/or books.  All are also avid readers.  

That is just a bit about ourselves.  My blog will be full of our adventures in living.  From time to time I will share recipes, crafts, or free homeschool things.  I pray this will be a blessing to you.  

Many blessings as we begin this journey together!

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