Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Little Girls Shirred Apron

I was shopping at Joann's recently.  While I am ever shopping there, I always look at the remnants section.  I am particularly fond of checking it out when remnants are 50% off the already marked down price.  You can find good deals in there sometimes.  I found a few goodies - a piece of white fur, some polar fleece, and a bit of shirred Frozen fabric.

My little Princess was estatic!  I mulled over what I could do with it for a long time.  I even browsed Pinterest and came up short.  It is a bit short for her and it wouldn't wrap all the way around her either, so I was a bit stumped.  This morning as I was holding it up to her to toy around with more ideas, I said, "This is the perfect size for an apron!"  In our house, one can never own too many aprons.  We love them.  She was thrilled!  So, off to the sewing area I went and this is what I did.

If you want to do this idea, I suggest you measure your child from under armpit to under armpit.  This piece of fabric is 15" at the shirred part.  It fits an 8 year old nicely.

If you have never worked with pre-shirred fabric before, the top and bottom are already finished off for you.  It is what makes this project a breeze.  

First, finish off the side of the fabric.  I own a serger, so I just serged the side edges up.

After that, I turned each side under 1/4" twice to hide all serging threads. 

Then, I measured for the ribbon.   I had Princess hold it up to herself and I measured approximately from where I put the neck ribbons adding enough extra for tying.   I then measured for the back ties.  You will be sewing these to the top of the shirring on each side.  Be sure to add extra for tying.  Mine measured 20" for each neck ribbon (you need 2) and 21" for each side ribbon (again, you need 2). 

I just happened to have a bit of leftover Frozen ribbon from curtains I had made.  You need 7/8" ribbon to get a good width for tying.

Now put the apron body up to your Princess.  Mark where inner edge of shoulders are.  This is where you will sew your neck ties.  Straight stitch them in place going over several times for security.

Next, pin your side ties at the top of each side of your apron body about an inch from the top.  Sew a straight stitch over them going back and forth several times again for security.

Last but not least, cut the ends of your ribbon at an angle.  This will keep them from fraying.  

Now you can stop there.  It is complete.  But I thought a little bling was in order.  I had some tiny snowflake buttons that I hand sewed to the shirring to make the apron look a bit more fun and "Frozeny".  

And now, at least for me, it was complete.  Princess was so happy with the end results!  And, so was I.   I was also estatic on how long this project took, only about an half hour.  I was so thrilled with it that I am now ready to go back to Joanns and see if I can find some fabric for my big girls.

Happy Sewing!

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