Thursday, August 20, 2015

Freebie for you! The Magic Treehouse book series timeline

Hi!  Got a great freebie for you.  In our home, we are readers.  And, I love tying good books in with what we are studying.  I ran across a great reference tool for the Magic School Bus DVD series, and I got to thinking what a great thing it would be if someone had made a timeline of the Magic Tree House books.  I spent some time researching on google and came up empty handed.  So I asked my oldest daughter if she would be interested in helping me make one and she agreed.  So, here is my freebie for you, The Complete Magic Treehouse Book Timeline.  I pray you will find this useful in your homeschooling plans.

Your freebie:

Magic Treehouse Timeline

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. This is so great! Thank you :-)

  2. Thank Youuuu! Story of the World was too much for us last year so we are going to use MTH books to guide us through history next year. You just saved me some time - score!

    1. Glad this could be of help. Hope you have a great history year!

  3. I greatly appreciate this!! we are using the Magic Treehouse series as our basis for our homeschooling. Taking a book and using that for a week and learning everything we can about every aspect of the time, the place, the people, I can't wait to get started and this seriously helps me out lol please tell your daughter that my family and I appreciate her time and work as well as yours :D