Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Who was......a biography book review

Today's book highlight is not just one book but a series of books, the Who Was? series.  These are by far, in my opinion, the best biography series out there right now.  When a biography can engage all 6 of my children ages 6 to 18, you are a winner in my book.  

So, what will you find when reading one of these?  Just the covers alone are fun to look at with their caricature type of drawings.  The chapters are thorough without being overly dry.  The illustrations are all done in black and white ink drawings which enhances what the story is about and draws them in further.  Each book is about 100 pages in length, just right to read a few chapters a day and be done with in about a week of school.  It makes us be able to get a biography about a certain person we are talking about get done and we can move on quickly.  We have read a few this year alone and enjoyed each one. 

Not only does this series cover people, there is also the What Was? series and the Where is? series.  The What Was? series covers in detail important events in history.  The Where is? series covers famous locations and various landmarks around the world.   You can get a better look at these series of books at their website  On the website, you will be able to see all the books so far (they are steadily making more), play a game, and see a link for an apple app to furthur engage your kids.  I don't have an apple product, but the app looks really good.  There is also an educators link at the top of the website which provides lots of additional stuff you could add if you choose.  

I can't recommend these great books enough.  Yes, a child about 3rd grade on up could read these alone as well.  But, we enjoy reading them together.  I find my kids respond better to a biography if we are all reading it together.  

Have you read any of these books?  What do you think of them?  

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