Tuesday, July 26, 2016

And, I'm back!

And, I am back!

Wow!  I cannot believe so much time has flown by, but my book is written (twice, long story) and is in the revision stage.  I hope to have it available by the first weekend in August, if I hit no more glitches along the way.  But, that's life, humps and bumps.  Its what you do with those humps and bumps that matters more.

Most of our summer has been consumed with the writing and pattern finalizing process.  It really has been a family project.  I am so grateful for all their encouragement and help along the way.  Here is another picture to give you a little more into what I have been working on.  

Besides the book, however, we have been done some fun on the cheap things.  Two local theaters play free to $1 movies all summer long so we have been catching them each week.  My violin players have had a couple of summer lessons and my piano students wrapped up the year with their summer recital.  All lessons will resume in September but, for now, we are enjoying playing fun things and taking a bit of a break.  

We also celebrated our annual tradition of Christmas in July!  I started that with the kids years ago.  We take a week each year in July and watch Christmas movies, play Christmas CD's, drink hot cocoa, bake cookies, and, usually have a trip to Goodwill for a fun find as a "present."  This year's Christmas in July week happened to coincide with "Dress Like a Cow" Day at ChikFilA and free slurpee day at 7-11.  That was exciting.   I also set up a squirt gun battle in the midst of it with the kids super soakers.  Its a lot of fun and helps us to think cool thoughts on 100 degree days.  Has it been a scorcher where you are?  

All our animals continue to do well.  As you can see in the one picture above, the chickens did some molting!  I have to admit, chickens are not the cutest while molting and their egg production drops. Alsok, we were given 6 more chickens which puts our numbers up to about 40.  After a couple of weeks of growing new feathers, establishing the pecking order,  and getting used to the new digs, they are starting to settle in and increase in egg supply once more.  I am in love with the Golden Polish (center photo, sorry its not the clearest, she is a busy hen).  I would love to add them to our flock.  The white Leghorn at the bottom is quite the social bug and likes to visit the house and sip from the watering can.

And, I don't blame her.  Our temps with humidity has put us well over the 100 degree mark.  Pippin is enjoying some shade under a tree that is not much bigger than him. Its fun to watch him rest in different spot throughout the day as the sun shifts.  He definitely likes cool and shady.

Unlike this miss who loves to bask in the sunshine despite her solid black body!  She turned a year old.  Its hard to believe we've had this cutie for about 10 months now.  We rescued her when she was just 2 months old.  She has some health issues which we have to deal with and is an absolute ball of fire at other times but she has been fun to have around and the kids adore her.

Summer is also a busy birthday season for us with 4 out of 6 children having birthdays during the summer.  Lots of partying going on here.

There has been much more to our summer that will follow in a photo post but for now I wanted to give you a brief update on what has been going on since the last post.    August will bring more regular posts.  I have plans for a couple of how to posts, our homeschool year plans, and much more.  Stayed tuned and stay cool!

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