Saturday, November 12, 2016

Crockpot Beef Broth

I have been making chicken broth in the crockpot for a few years now.  It is so easy to do this way!  I wrote about how I do that here.   This year we slaughtered our meat cow, and I asked the butcher to save some of the bones for me.  I was planning to give my recipe for making broth in the crockpot but this time for my beef.  Again, it was a total breeze!  I have made it three times so far and it has come out just lovely.

The steps to making it are similar to making chicken broth with one exception.  You will see that in a moment.


1 beef bone uncooked (I had my own, but I know you can ask butchers at grocery stores for them as well)
2 stalks celery, leaves and all
2 whole carrotts, do not peel
 6 cloves garlic
1 whole shallot
herbs of choice - I use rosemary, thyme, and basil
 3 tbsp.salt
12 peppercorns
1/2 c. apple cider vinegar, I prefer the raw kind with the mother still in it (like Braggs)

First step is to brown the bones.  This is what makes the biggest difference between the chicken broth recipe and the beef one.  You can do this one of two ways.  I have done it both ways and find the oven easier to do this with.  But, you can use the stove top as well.

You could either cook them in a bit of olive oil in a skillet on the stove top.

Or, you can brown them at 350 in the oven in a roaster with olive oil.

I like browning them in the oven.  Less splattering and smoke all over the kitchen.  And, I didn't have to constantly turn them.  It came out nice and evenly browned.  I let mine brown for about 15 minutes.  

(this pic is not the greatest.  for some reason, I had a hard time capturing the brownness in a photo)

After that, dump your bones into the crockpot (I did one in each) and cover with water.  Add all veggies, salt, peppercorns, herbs, apple cider vinegar, 

(there are carrotts there, just buried)

Turn on low and leave cooking for 24 hours.  Your house will smell divine after a while.  I usually get it going one morning and tend to the rest the next day.  Once cooked, turn off, take off the lid, and allow to cool enough to handle for the next steps.

I, then, set up my "strainer" area.  It is basically my colander inside a large bowl, nothing fancy.  I dump all the contents of my crockpot inside and strain all the lovely broth through.  Unlike with a leftover chicken, there is no meat to pick.  At this point, you can just toss all the stuff in the trash.   Now you have a lovely bowl of broth.

Take the broth and divide into containers in 2 cup portions.  I like to recycle the lunch meat tubs for this purpose.  You will see I marked them with a "B".  Since I have chicken broth in the freezer, I marked them so I can tell the types apart.  And, that it.  These can be frozen from here ready to go whenever you need broth for your cooking.

It really is easy and makes such great broth!  I love making my broth this way.  And, as a bonus, you get good smells throughout your house.  But, most importantly, you know what all you have put into your broth.  You know the salt content, you can name the ingredients, and there is no MSG.  Now, that is something to smile about.

Happy cooking!!!!

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