Saturday, December 3, 2016

Diffusing essential oils on the cheap

If you know me at all, I am a deep lover and user of essential oils.  And, as you can tell by the picture above, I am not devoted to just one company.  I use about 5 different companies that I have researched thoroughly and enjoy their products. So, this post is not going to push a certain E.O. company.  I want to talk to you about diffusers.  I love using oils as much as possible.  I am so thankful to my friend who showed me them all those years ago.  I have come to enjoy and respect their medical use in my family.  We rely on them for so much.  However, I am not opposed to using our God given doctors if what I do at home is not working.

I have essential oil nebulizers set up both upstairs and downstairs that I adore.  They can run for several hours and provide the aromatherapy we need for that day.  I purchased mine through Moutain Rose Herbs.  However, you can find a large array of essential oil diffusers on Amazon if you know what you are looking for.  

About 2 years ago, I started hunting for quiet oil diffusers that I could set up in our bedrooms.  There was just one problem, I couldn't find any at the time that would last all night nor were they quiet enough.  My nebulizers are not very quiet so they are not good for a sleeping area.  So, I started doing some research on different diffusers on the internet.  And since I am a girl that likes to DIY, I started looking that way as well.  I am sharing with you my research finds and after 2 years of doing things with these, I am pleased with them.  I know there are some mixed reports on heating essential oils and how well they work,  But, these do what I was looking for and for not too much of a cost.  I still love my nebulizers and, if one should die or break, I will replace with the same.  But, these others have served my purposes and haven't broken the bank.  

Candle electric hot pad with ceramic coffee cup

You can find these at Walmart or a craft store with a coffee cup from whereever.  I have set these up in each of my children's rooms.  They are very quiet and last all night.  I simply place 1/2 cup water and warm in the microwave for one minute.  Then, I place 8 drops of the oil of my choice.  I have mostly used lavendar, my liquid sleep blend, or thieves in there.  The kids rest so much better with oils diffusing.  And, thieves has been such a blessing during sick times.  We have literally cut sick times in half for our large family, or nipped them in the bud, just by diffusing thieves.  

Candle Wax warmer

Again, you can find these at Walmart and craft stores.  The downfall to them is they are candle run.  So, I have one in my room and my sewing area where I can supervise the flame.  I would not recommend them in a kids room at all.  I usually fill about 1/3 of the warmer dish with water and add about 4 drops of oil.  Light your candle and enjoy the aroma.  You can burn this till the candle runs out if you choose.

Electric Wax Warmer

I found these at our A.C. Moore, but you can also find them at Michaels.  These are too breakable for my kids rooms, but has been great in my kitchen.  Again, I put water in about 1/3 of the dish and add about 4 drops of oil.  This has been a great little addition to my kitchen.  The lightbulb which heats the water shines through and makes a pretty little glow in the kitchen.  

Reed Diffuser

These are a bit more work and need to be placed where they won't get bumped but they last a very long time.  The scent is released very slowly through the reeds.  I purchased both reeds and diffuser at Michaels.  Simply place 1/4 cup coconut oil in the diffuser and add 20 drops of your essential oils.  You have to keep turning them a couple times a day to keep them working but the scent is light and continuous.

Terra Cotta Air Freshners

I purchased mine through Mountain Rose Herbs, but they can be easily made.  Here are some instructions for DIY.  We have ceiling fans around our whole house so in the summer, I hang them from the fan after dropping a couple of drops of oils on them.  You can also put them close to a light bulb or over your vents in the winter for diffusing.  

Terra Cotta Necklace

There are place all over the internet where you can purchase essential oil necklaces, bracelets, etc.  I decided to make my own following the instructions from Mommypotomus, which you can find here.  I also made a bracelet as well.  Love wearing the scents around my neck.  I have made them for my girls as well so far.  Planning to make some orange terra cotta ones for my boys.

Felt Car Diffusers

I could never stand the scent of those little trees people put in their cars, but I do love the thought of taking your aromatherapy with you.  I made these little rascals out of felt.  I love them because they can easily be washed and used over and over again.  I attach them to our vent with a bobby pin and and one drop of oil.  One funny note, do not diffuse lavendar while driving or the driver becomes sleepy.  Don't ask how I know this.  Use a peace and calming blend instead.  :)  It is also great for diffusing peppermint to keep car sickness at bay.  A little research and you will find oodles of ideas for DIY car diffusers.  There are some super cute ones out there.  

So, this is what my research and the last 2 years of testing has shown me.  All of these work so well, and all of them cost us less than 10 dollars to do.  I have enjoyed the scents all of over our home and it has been a blessing to us all.  Do you diffuse and, if so, how do you diffuse?  I welcome your ideas and comments.

Happy Diffusing!

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