Saturday, January 21, 2017

Winter Blues Boredom Buster - DIY M & M rockets!

Are you going through a dry week in school?  Are you looking for a way to break up the winter blues?  Here is a fun simple craft for you to do.  And, did I mention tasty?  

 M and M rockets! 

Supplies you will need:

Mini M & M tubes, 1 per child
Rocket pattern, either sketch your own like mine or you can use the free pattern I have here
Alka Seltzer tablets, trust me on this, you will want a couple of boxes
Hot glue

Trace one of each rocket part onto cardstock, one for each child.  Give each child a copy of the rocket bottom and top and a tube of M & M's.  Using the markers, allow them to color and draw whatever they want.  I let mine eat their M & M's while drawing (that's the best part, of course).

Once done, form the rocket body into a cylinder and tape closed.  Do the same with the cone of the rocket.  Cut the tab on the M & M tube so the top can come separate from the bottom.  Then, hot glue the cone to the rocket and the rocket to the M & M tube top.  Allow to dry.

Once they are all dry, they are ready for launching.  Now, it time to go outside.  We had a warmer late winter day when we did this, but it was windy.  Thankfully, it really didn't hinder our project.

Place an alka seltzer tab into the bottom of each tube.  Top off with water and QUICKLY close the top.

It will not take it long to fizz and then burst into the sky.  It is completely safe to hold as well as long as you hold it away from your body and face.

By the time I got to taking this pic, it had already gone off.  They shoot nicely into the sky with one.  You can even add 2 for an even higher launch!  I wouldn't recommend any more than 2.  We tried 3 but it didn't work as well with that many.

Here's a fun little video we made to show you.....

Have fun with your M & M rockets.  They will want to do them again and again (thus the need for more than one box of alka seltzer).  

Happy Crafting!

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