Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lego Boredom Buster - Lego Minifig Parachute!

In the midst of February whilst the kids were suffering with the normal winter blues and  a bout of flu to boot, I decided to try my hand at making a Lego parachute from a small Lego store bag.  It was a total success!  It broke the duldrums and lifted my kids sick spirits!  Here is what you need to make one for your kids, or yourself!  (no shame there)

Supplies Needed:

1 small Lego store plastic bag (you could use larger, but the Lego brick will look different in proportion than what you see here)
Large sharp sewing needle
Embroidery Floss (I used red to match the bag; you can use whatever)
Black Sharpie
A circle template - I used the top of an icecream tub, but a large dinner plate will work just as well

Cut your Lego store bag apart.  I took off the bottom and then cut down both sides so I had 2 halves.  Each bag make 2 different parachutes!  Cool, huh?

Using your template, center it over the logo or brick and trace around it with your black sharpie.

Cut out.

Cut 2 lengths of embroidery floss to 24" in length.

Take your black sharpie and marks 4 black dots - one on top of circle, one on bottom, and one on each side (as shown in pic)

Take your sharp needle and thread 1st piece of floss. Knot the end.  Go through top black dot from front of bag to back of bag.  Pull till knot reaches the plastic and then tape down for extra security.  With the same 1st piece of floss, go through left side dot, from back to front this time!  Knot the thread and tape down.  Repeat these same steps with the 2nd piece of floss using the bottom and right side dots.  You should now have a parachute with 2 large loops of floss for holding the minifig.

(hard to completely see, but this is a pic of the tape holding down the floss and knot on top of the parachute)

Fold your parachute in half and half again.  Why?  It gives it a nice point in the center which helps to have a good place to hold it when ready to fly!

Add your minifig.  Somehow, Dr. Who looked like a good fit for our test flight.  Find the approximate center of each piece of floss and loop under the arms of your minifig and pull up towards the "armpits" of the minifig.  Its a tight fit there naturally with the minifigs so they stay all by themselves really well.

And, there you have it!  Its ready for flight!!!  Find a good high spot, grab from the point at the top, and let it go!  My kids have enjoyed them immensely!  Here is a little video that I posted to instagram to see them at work!

Hope you enjoy making these with your kids.  Never fear if you don't have a Lego store bag.  You can use a regular grocery plastic bag if you would like.  I like the weight of the Lego store bag which is why I used it.  Plus, it has cool lego logos on it!  But, a regular grocery bag can work, too.

I would love to see what you made!  Post a link to a pic at the bottom of the post.  Happy Crafting!

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