Saturday, March 11, 2017

Catching up a bit

I am back!  About 6 weeks ago, things in our home took a turn for the worse.  I won't go into a ton of detail but between everything that hit us all at once (illness, financial loss, car problems, and many other things), my soul was completely cast down.  I found myself constantly crying out to God for relief, but, He kept saying wait.  "Wait?!? For how long, God?" But, all the answer I kept receiving was to wait.  God being the all powerful, all knowing being that He is, knew just what he was doing, teaching me to wait on Him, teaching me to be patient (I am bad at that), teaching me to put my total faith and trust in him for his provision and for answer to prayer.  February, despite being my birthday month, is the hardest month of the year for me normally, both in school and with it being the dead of winter.  I crave sunshine, warm breezes, and outdoor beauty which is never around in February.  So, to have it being the dead of winter and experiencing so much at home, I wondered if I would break.  I, even, at one point, felt abandoned.  But, through prayer and much encouragement from my parents, dear friend, and my husband, I plugged on.  And, I am happy to say, we got through most of it.  The flu has left our home, work is once more trickling in, and spring is right around the corner.  But, most of all, God provided our needs, sometimes when it looked like there was no hope.  Psalm 37:25 popped into my head,

 I have been young, and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread.

We never had to beg for bread.  My children stayed warm and clothed all winter.  Small jobs came through at just the right moment.  We were not forsaken.  Yes, as I look back at this hard time in our lives, God was with us all the way, even when my distress blinded me from seeing it completely.  Oh, do I have much to learn with patience and waiting on Him.  But, praise God, we got through the season of life.  We are slowly catching up.  Life is starting to return to a bit of normal.

With all that, I began to rethink my blogging.  I love writing.  And, I love blogging.  Its a fun way to share what we do.  However, right now, until things become more settled, I am not going to be sticking to a hard core schedule.  I missed the outlet during our trials, but just couldn't put words to screen.  So, I will write whenever I can.  My goal is to get 4 posts in a month, whether that be strictly on Saturdays or sometime during the week, that is what it will be.  Obviously, you can still catch me on instagram, apeekinourwindow16.  

To close today out, here are a few pictures to enjoy from the past few weeks.  My littles have been so much into drawing lately.  We have a few youtubers we like to follow along with, so these are a few of their recent drawings.  

To break up school and the constant battles we were facing, I decided a bit of fun was necessary.  So, we broke out the disco ball and enjoys out of doors when the weather was nice.

When ill, we tried to keep school going when people felt well enough.  We found watching things on youtube and netflix to fit the bill when book work was just not the thing for the day.

(note the blankets and sweatshirt, both were under the weather that day :( )

Last but not least, Lego is a necessary part of our existence.  So, we made a trip to the half price theater to see the new Lego batman movie, learned about Robin Hood with Lego, and made Lego parachutes (which will be my next blog post).  

Until next time, how was your winter?  Did you get much snow?  (On that front, we have gotten less than 5 inches this winter; ours has been a very mild one indeed).  Are you gearing up for spring?  Have a blessed day!

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  1. I thought you'd been quieter than normal at church. I'm glad you've been able to see a new way of looking at things. When I was going through very hard times, I wrote down verses that helped me - usually ones that told me that God WILL help me, He DOES see what I'm going through, He IS guiding me - and I drummed them into my head.

    On a lighter, and heavier, note, depending on the day of the month this winter, the warm weather turning frigid last week killed the flowers on my autumnalis cherry tree, which had been in bloom almost all winter because it was so mild. It got warm again for a few days, new ones opened up, and now it's due to be frigid again. We're going to try to cover the tree with plastic this evening and see if that protects the new blossoms.