Saturday, April 29, 2017

Movie Fun

(a fun find out our recent viewing of the Lego Batman movie)

Hello!  We've just been through a busy season of life - fun with friends, violin practices in preparation for our spring recital (which is today), the death of my dear mother in law, nearing the end of school projects, some home trials.  Through a season like these, I am thankful for a God who gives strength for each day. 

Today, we are going to talk about movie fun!  Movies are huge in our home.  I have a bunch of movie geeks, from Sci-Fi to Disney, musicals to slightly scary (though not horror), oldies and newbies.  We just enjoy the art of film!  Most of the time, its just a sit down, eat a bowl of popcorn or chomp on pizza, and watch a flick.  But, there are a couple time a year where I make a certain anticipated movie a big deal.  Where we live, for a family our size, it costs well over $100 to hit the theater.  So, we go only about twice a year, if that.  If there is a movie, we are really looking forward to, once it comes out on DVD, I make a big deal out of it with a movie party!  

(movie party food for Big Hero 6)

Planning a movie party starts a couple of weeks before the actual date of the party for me.  I spend some time thinking through the characters, researching online and Pinterest ideas, birthday party blog posts, party websites, coming up with the perfect food.  I try to represent as much as I can the people in the movie or foods you see in it.  I always make sure there is some sort of protein and fruits and veggies.  And, then, I throw in some fun foods to boot.  Sometimes I make clever little signs to go with the foods, and sometimes not, depending on my mood.   I also often get paper plates and napkins to go along with it.  Sometimes, it just generic plates, or I get color matching ones at the Dollar Tree.

(Star Wars, The Force Awakens, movie party)

I always provide a fun beverage.  Soda and koolaid are real treats in our home.  So, I either make lemonade or buy a bottle or two of sprite and tint it wee bit of food coloring to match our movie for that night.  For our recent Moana movie lunch, I picked up a bottle of Hawaiian punch.  Another thing we enjoy is combining lemonade and soda.  We call this Fizzy Lemonade.  Soda is sweet so you basically dump in a gallon jug, 2 packs of lemonade, 1/2 cup sugar, and a 2 liter bottle of sprite.  It makes about a gallon and half of beverage.

(Frozen movie lunch)

Sometimes I do a simpler one because I just want to have a bit of fun with the kids, like our Frozen, Moana, or Alice in Wonderland (see below).  Just a few fun foods and kick back and enjoy a movie lunch after a good school day's work.  

(Moana movie party)

I often add other fun things to it like movie tickets, coloring pages, and decorations.  My 7 year old doesn't always have a super long attention span so coloring pages help fill up the time well for him.  You can browse the internet and find coloring pages for almost everything you want.  Just type in the name of the movie and add the words "coloring pages".  Tons of free ones will pop up.   Choose a couple to print up and you're good to go.  Disney often has a free printable pack for their current movies.  These include not only coloring pages but games and crafts even.  I have even gotten menu ideas from Disney because they will have ideas on their website.

You can sometimes find free printable movie tickets online for a specific movie as well.  When I did the movie party for The Force Awakens, I wanted tickets to give out to the kids (I don't always do this but it is a handy idea if you plan a surprise out and wait till the last minute to hand them out, which I did with Star Wars).   There are party websites all over the internet which provide free printables.  I happened upon one for The Force Awakens.  They not only had free printables but movie food ideas as well.  

If you want movie tickets and can't find any for that specific movie, here are a couple of generic but fun ones that you can use as well.

Sweet Baby Designs has some adorable red and white ones, which I love.  These also have candy and popcorn tickets as well, if you want added fun.

A Life Well Lived has some lovely vintage style tickets which are fun, especially if you are showing an oldie but goodie.  

You can also design your own tickets looking for free clip art and making something up on Word.  I have also seen raffle tickets at Dollar Tree which would come in handy in a pinch if you just want to keep it simple.  

(Alice in Wonderland party)

One final fun thing that we enjoy with movie, though most definitely not all, is see places they used for filming a certain movie.  We are blessed to live 30 minutes outside of Washington, DC, and we have been able to see the places where they filmed certain movies.  When The Night in the Museum 2 was being made, the Smithsonian had signs up all over where the various characters and artifacts they were using came from in the Air and Space Museum and the Natural and American History Museums.  They were fun to use as a scavenger hunt and look for the various items.   Marvel's Captain America Winter Soldier was filmed in DC.  The kids had fun finding the tree where Cap was talking to Falcon and where the Hydra guys were coming out of the hotel.  They are looking forward to seeing what spots they can find for new Spider-man Homecoming movie coming out later this year.

(Winter Soldier)

Movie times can be simple or they can be an experience!  I love planning a good movie party.  It has made new and old movies so much fun.  There's nothing wrong with pizza or popcorn and a movie, but adding a little flare makes an anticipated movie so much more fun.  And, it saves some money, too, great for large families who can't always enjoy a night out at the theater but still want to have a special time.

What movie am I working on next?  Yes, I already have one in the works for the new Lego Batman movie coming out in June.  We saw it in the theater in the dead of winter, as a treat to the kids.  But, Lego is so huge in our house that when it comes out on DVD, I plan to have a movie party then. How about you?  What movie party can you plan out for your family? 

Until next time......